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Simbhu sings for 'Back bench student'

Tamil star Simbhu has sung a song in 'Sneha Geetham' fame Madhura Sridhar's directorial film 'Back bench student - Vaadi break up - love story'. Mahath Raghavendra, Piya Bhaajpai and Archana Kavi are the lead characters.
The film is to be presented by Multi-dimensions entertainment Pvt. Ltd & produced by Dr.M.V.K Reddy under Shirdi Sai Combines banner.
Simbhu has raised the vigor in the team, by  singing a power mix song 'Jagada Jagada' which is said to be a tribute to Ilayaraja composed song 'Jagada Jagada' from Nagarjuna's 'Geethanjali'.
Simbhu expressed his joy at his childhood friend Mahath being introduced to Tollywood and for singing a song in his first film.  He also said that he liked Sunil Kashyap's music and Sira Sree's lyrics and conveyed his best wishes to the team.
Brahmanandham and Ali play the other key roles.
The audio of the film is to be released on 16th February amid famous film personalities.
Presented by:  Multi-dimensions entertainment Pvt. Ltd, Producer: Dr.M.V.K Reddy, Story- Screenplay- Direction: Madhura Sreedhar, Dialogues & Additional Screenplay: Lakshmi Bhupal
Director of Photography: Prasad G.K, Music: Sunil Kasyap, Editor: Dharmendra Kakarala, Project Designer: K. Raghavendra Reddy, Additional Screenplay &Technical Head: Venkata Siddha Reddy,Lyrics: Sira Sri & Lakshmi Bhupal, Choreography: Ganesh Master,Chief Associate Director: PB Manjunath, Production Controller: M.S Reddy.

Okkadine - Done-to-death revenge story

The only interesting episode in Okkadine is the interval bang, which unveils the trappings of a psychological thriller.  Those of you who watched Katha (which is one of the best films of both Genelia and Just Yellow) are sure to hope, for all the unskilled execution and writing so far, the film could present at least a thriller-like facade in the second half.  Srinivas Raga, however, cheats you by telling a ridiculously done-to-death revenge story, completely seeming the last director of the past.
The way the director confers Nithya Menen prominence in the first half, it starts feeling like the narration is throwing up subtle hints about her lion's share in the story.  It is reinforced by the bystander-like role for Nara Rohit.  If the heroine has a solo song moments after a brief intro for the hero, Rohit himself fails to make an impact, with him neither having much lines to speak nor doing acts that befit a hero's role in the scenes.  As the story unfolds in the later half, you see Rohit emerging a bit stronger than his heroine, but only faintly, because he doesn't show an actor's knack when it comes to emoting in crucial scenes.  He shows the subdued gusto (as he did in Banam) in the action scenes, but woefully falls short in showing pain and shock, behaving as if he is acting in another Solo.
As for the director, he does a shoddy job of dishing out a revenge story that bears resemblance to umpteen similar stories, with the only exception of misleading the audience just before the interval.  It is no distinction, considering the fact that the narration is entirely plain, with even the villain's role etched too badly.
The story begins with Nithya, Sai Kumar's pampered daughter, arriving in Hyderabad.  After sharing some affectionate moments, the Mother Theresa-like father says that he is leaving to US for an important meeting with his future political comrades, and the daughter wants to go on a picnic with her new-found cyber friend (Snigdha).  (Yes, the fun-starved millionaire's daughter is utterly friendless, that she appears to have no option but have a stranger as a companion).
In a forested village a 120 kms away from Vizag, there lives Rohit along with his marvelously affectionate family.  Nithya bumps into Rohit, who takes her home and the family soon showers warmth and friendship on her.  After two unmusical songs (a family song, which sounds like a silent romance song, and an outdoor duet, which would have been touching had expressions on the face outpaced the steps and had the song been shot indoors), the good hero proposes to her.
Minutes after Nithya talks about the family and the hero to her father, it is interval time.
The director should have kept the narration surreal and nuanced in the first half.  In the second half, the macabre scene involving one entire family doesn't instill terror, nor does the hero show angst and trauma in his eyes.  There is a short intense ditty, which comes after a comedy scene, 5 minutes into the second half, revealing Srinivas' lack of experience.
The second half ceases to hold our attention after a point.  (Even the little attention it gets is because it makes us to hope for something that doesn't exist in the story).  The villain fails to evoke fear, with him having nothing to do other than reeling off the number of murders he committed in the past.  Gosh!
After Nandini Reddy and Vikram Kumar, everybody seems to think that Nithya should always be indulged in (which explains the solo song for her) regardless of the genre.  The remix song (Puttintollu tarimesaru..) is wasted.  The music director does a good job, but his songs do not fit well in the film.  There is nothing much to talk about the BG score.
It is outrageous to see Brahmi's assistant (a woman) talk seductively about how her boss is adept at covering rape incidents in graphic detail.  The director has not got in him to deal with ace comedians (or with comedy for that matter) like Brahmi and Ali.
Sai Kumar, who is sans moustache here, has a meaty role, but even he is not used to his fullest potential.  Having relegated the hero to the sidetracks one too often, the director has a Pawanism-like moment for Naga Babu in store.  Phew!
The dialogues (by Chintapalli Ramana) are plain and uninteresting.  Like the story and the screenplay.
Verdict: A predictable revenge story littered with two action scenes and a lousy climax.  Don't know what Raga was thinking while he made the film.

'Rudhramadevi' shooting starts in Warangal

The shooting muhurtha of India's first historical stereoscopic 3d movie 'Rudramadevi' has been done in Warangal thousand pillars temple at 12.22 hrs on 14th February. Anushka plays the title role and Rana plays the character of Chalukya Veerabhadra in this film.
Gunasekhar is directing and producing the film under Guna team works banner. 'Maestro' Ilayaraja is the music director.
Gunasekhar says, "The Muhurtha shot has been shot on Siva Linga that has been self formed 900 years ago. There is nothing better to start than at the thousand pillar temple which has standout as a testimony to Kakathiya's grandeur. Inaddition today is a very prosperous day (Panchami) on which over 1,50,000 marriages are being done. So we have started today. The regular shooting of the film starts in April at the huge sets designed by 'Padmasri' Thota Tharani. There are many great actors in this film in which Anushka is acting as Rudramadevi and Rana as Chalukya Veerabhadra. The test shoot with the 3d cameras has been already done in Germany. Technically, this movie will be of international standards. Foreign technicians are working for Visual effects. I am very happy at my dream of making Rudramadevi coming true. This first historical stereoscopic 3d movie in India definitely allures".
Anushka says," I was very motivated and decided to do the movie when Gunasekhar told me this story. Characters like this come very rarely. I have been taking training in horse riding and sword fighting for this character.This character becomes a milestone in my career. My dream of working with Gunasekhar has come true with this film".
Rana says," I really love historical movies. I regularly practice dialogues in them. I have been very lucky to get Chalukya Veerabhadra's character in this movie. I am very happy working with Gunasekhar. This will be a prestigious project for me as an actor".
Art: 'Padma sri' Thota tharani, Cinematography: Ajay Vincent, Fights: Ram-Laxman, VFX Supervisor: Kamal Kannan(Prasad VFX), Costumes designer : Neetha Lallu ('Jodha Akbar' fame), Music: 'Maestro' Ilayaraja ,Story- Screenplay-Direction-Producer: Guna Sekhar.

'April fool' producer's new film starts

April fool', starring Jagapathi Babu and Bhumika has been ready to release. It is produced by Gaddamanugu Laxmisrinivas, under Sudha Entertainments banner.
Another movie has been started under this banner on Thursday as production no.3. Sai Achyuth Chinnari is being introduced as director with this film. The producer says that the film will be a complete entertaining socio-fantasy film different from routine stories.
Dhanraj, Nagababu, Chandra mohan, Ali, Babu Mohan, Kondavalasa, Sivaji Raja, Hema, Nalla Venu, Thagubothu Ramesh etc are the other cast.
Camera: Ranganath Gogineni, Music: Narendra, Editor: Sudheer, Action: Nandhu, Stills: Ramana, Costumes: Ramakrishna, Manager: MM Sharma, Art: Rajeev Nayar, Asst. Directors: Bhupesh Varma, Abhinav, Sriharsha Panchanagla, Assoc. Director: Babi, Co-director: Ramesh Yadav, Production controller: MVS Vasu, Exe. Producers:  Jayachandra, Bhaskar kumar, Producer: Gaddamanugu Laxmisrinivas, Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction: Sai Achyuth Chinnari.

Sonakshi Sinha demands Rs.5 crore for Telugu film

Sonakshi Sinha
Bollywood actor Sonakshi Sinha, who has four films of 100 crore club in her kitty, has apparently charged Rs.5 crore to do Krish Jagarlamudi's Telugu film.

Acoording to reports, although Sonakshi had limited dates but she still agreed to do the film as she liked the script and was keen on doing a period film.

Sonakshi has attained success in just a few short years in the industry and is now charging almost as much as top heroines.

Krish had reportedly approached Sonakshi earlier too, but she wasn't interested in doing South films then. Later, Krish met Sonakshi through Prabhu Deva and signed her.

Good going girl!

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