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Raisa Husain visits father’s favourite hotel

Raisa Husain, daughter of artist M.F. Husain, listens to the owner of Kayees Hotel in Fort Kochi about how her father drew a picture after eating at the hotel in 2001. Photo: K.K. Mustafah
One of the first places Raisa Husain visited in Kochi on Saturday was a small hotel on a bustling street in Mattancherry. It was the same hotel where her father, the renowned artist M.F. Husain, dined during his visit to the city in 2001.
The artist, pleased with the porotta and mutton curry, presented the hotel owner V.K. Musthafa with a drawing, one he has treasured to this day.
To Raisa, her father’s friendship with this hotel owner is no big surprise. “He has eaten at restaurants in every part of the country. He would eat out seven days a week,” she said.
Annoyed by his absence during meals, Raisa would ask him to stay home for lunch. “What is here? Just the TV and the same people,” he would reply. “When I eat out I can see different people.”
Husain, India’s most celebrated artist, was hounded by controversy for several years. His paintings representing nude figures of Hindu goddesses provoked the ire of many in the country.
Their protest, attacks and death threats forced him into exile. When he breathed his last in Dubai in June 2011, he had accepted Qatari nationality.
The artist, however, had great love for India’s people and places. “For my sister’s wedding, he invited all his favourite restaurant owners, pan walas, taxi walas and chai walas,” said Raisa.
“He was crazy about chai,” Musthafa, known in the city as ‘Kayikka,’ quipped in.
Musthafa’s Kayees hotel in Mattacherry is something of a landmark in Kochi. People come from far in wide in search of the famous ‘Kayikka’s biriyani.’ It is his fame that brought the artist to his doorsteps, seeking tasty mutton.
Kayikka vividly remembers the day the legendary artist visited his small hotel.
“He came in the morning and the biriyani wasn’t ready yet. He was very particular about what he wanted and we didn’t understand what he was trying to say,” said Kayikka.
But the artist needed no words. He drew a picture of a goat and pointed to the thigh. He was duly served porotta and mutton curry. Pleased with his meal, the artist gifted Kayikka with another drawing. A copy of both drawings is still put up at the hotel, which is now being renovated. The originals Kayikka has kept safely elsewhere. Saturday, however, was a special occasion and the paintings came out of their safe to meet the artist’s daughter.

Stargaze: The 'Kai Po Che' stars at 'Wassup Andheri 2013' festival and more

Stargaze: The 'Kai Po Che' stars at 'Wassup Andheri 2013' festival and moreAmidst so many happenings in Mumbai, the star cast of 'Kai Po Che' was spotted at the 'Wassup Andheri 2013' festival. Stargaze: The 'Kai Po Che' stars at 'Wassup Andheri 2013' festival and moreThe 'Kai Po Che'! stars Amit Sadh, Raj Kumar Yadav were spotted at the 'Wassup Andheri 2013' festival in Mumbai. The film has got a great response from the viewers. Stargaze: The 'Kai Po Che' stars at 'Wassup Andheri 2013' festival and moreBoth the actors Raj Kumar Yadav and Amit Sadh were seen in their casual avatar and seems like they had quite a blast at the festival. Stargaze: The 'Kai Po Che' stars at 'Wassup Andheri 2013' festival and moreThe stars along with other guests at the festival pose for the camera. Stargaze: The 'Kai Po Che' stars at 'Wassup Andheri 2013' festival and more
Aditi Rao Hydari was spotted at the launch of a beauty care product. Stargaze: The 'Kai Po Che' stars at 'Wassup Andheri 2013' festival and moreStargaze: The 'Kai Po Che' stars at 'Wassup Andheri 2013' festival and moreStargaze: The 'Kai Po Che' stars at 'Wassup Andheri 2013' festival and moreStargaze: The 'Kai Po Che' stars at 'Wassup Andheri 2013' festival and moreStargaze: The 'Kai Po Che' stars at 'Wassup Andheri 2013' festival and moreStargaze: The 'Kai Po Che' stars at 'Wassup Andheri 2013' festival and moreStargaze: The 'Kai Po Che' stars at 'Wassup Andheri 2013' festival and moreStargaze: The 'Kai Po Che' stars at 'Wassup Andheri 2013' festival and moreStargaze: The 'Kai Po Che' stars at 'Wassup Andheri 2013' festival and more

Balki's next to bring back Big B and Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan are set to be seen together once again, in R. Balki's next film.
The two stalwarts were last seen together in Ravi Chopra's 2008 production Bhootnath, where Big B starred in the lead role while SRK had a special appearance.
The last film where they featured in starring roles was Karan Johar's 2006 hit, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna. Big B and SRK have also shared screen space in Aditya Chopra's Mohabbatein, Yash Chopra's Veer-Zaara and Amol Palekar's Paheli.
Amitabh Bachchan (left) and Shah Rukh Khan were last seen together in the 2008 film Bhootnath
Amitabh Bachchan (left) and Shah Rukh Khan were last seen together in the 2008 film Bhootnath

The duo's last hit together was Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna in 2006
The duo's last hit together was Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna in 2006
The buzz doing the rounds is that Balki's new film will be co-produced by Big B's banner ABCL and SRK's production house, Red Chillies Entertainment.

I want international recognition: Emraan Hashmi

He has earned himself the tags ‘Hitman Hashmi’ and ‘Serial kisser’, but Emraan Hashmi now wants recognition of a different kind. The actor, who is currently working with Oscar-winning Bosnian filmmaker Danis Tanovic, says that he wants the film to give him an ‘international image’. “I am still new to this world and this new persona . I don’t really know how it will pan out in the future but I definitely hope that the film receives international recognition and is appreciated by everyone around the world,” says the 33-year-old, who is currently shooting for the film in Patiala.

Hashmi, however, refuses to give out more details about his international project.
“But it is a different terrain, it is a challenge for me. The film is on a controversial subject, something that is inherent in the society and I think people will be pleasantly surprised to see this film. It’s something that is outside my comfort zone,” he says. The actor is quick to add that this is not a ‘Hollywood’ film. “It won’t be right to fit it into that category. I think it is broader in perspective and is more international,” he says. 

Considering that Tanovic’s film No Man’s Land won an Oscar, does he have Academy dreams for this project too?
“Yes, going to the Oscars would be a bonus,” says the actor, who recently walked the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival since Tanovic has just had another release. The actor, who is known to not attend award functions, says that we can’t compare our awards with Oscars. “Everyone knows that I am not much into Indian film awards as some of them are questionable, but I think we should not compare ourselves with Oscars.”

Lost — and found — in a sea of tens of millions at India festival

Since 1946, Raja Ram Tiwari has used his low-tech methods to reunite family members who become separated at a massive Hindu religious festival.India Hindu festivalSaraswati Devi shivers in the dirt near a small fire, tears streaming down her face, her tattered sari wrapped tightly around her small frame.

The 73-year-old farmer from a small village in the central state of Madhya Pradesh had arrived earlier in the day with her younger sister-in-law at the Kumbh Mela, a massive Hindu religious festival on the edge of the sacred Ganges River. But in the crush of the crowd, which is expected to number about 100 million this year, they had become separated.
Devi wandered around in panic until police escorted her to the tent of Bharat Seva Dal, a charity group that helps family members reunite. She has never traveled alone, Devi says, and doesn't understand train tickets so she feels extremely vulnerable.
"I'm so worried," she said. "I wasn't even sure I wanted to come. My sister-in-law even has my coat."
During the 55-day Kumbh Mela, held on a 4,700-acre site, hundreds of thousands of people get separated from their relatives. But most find their way to the tent, called a khoya paya shivir, or "lost and found camp."
Since the festival opened Jan. 14, about 275,000 people have been reported lost, 100,000 of them on Feb. 10, a day when 36 people died in a stampede. Most of the missing are reunited with their companions within hours.
Social worker Raja Ram Tiwari, 86, founder of Bharat Seva Dal, says he found his life's calling in 1946 at his first Kumbh Mela, in which pilgrims bathe in the sacred river as a means of purifying their souls.
In those days, the festival, held every three years, was attended mostly by older people, Tiwari said, and he noticed one elderly woman crying hysterically. He crafted some tin into a makeshift megaphone and called out her relatives' names until they were reunited.
The woman thanked him for saving her life and touched his feet, an honor normally reserved for older people.
"It gave me such satisfaction," Tiwari said, sitting in the nondescript tent he inhabits throughout the lengthy festival. "My soul soared, and I thanked the Ganges."
He's been to each Kumbh Mela since then and several smaller festivals — 65 in all — and has helped reunite more than 1 million adults and 20,000 children with their relatives, he says. His methods have become slightly more sophisticated — dozens of volunteers now scour the grounds for the dispossessed, blaring their names over loudspeakers across the smoky, dusty landscape — but not much.
The issue of lost relatives at Indian religious festivals, often occurring after a stampede, has become a fixture of Bollywood pot boilers. Among the cheesier film plots: A man searches for his brother in Australia knowing he has a thing for kangaroos; two lost brothers reunite only to find that one's become a policeman while the other's had a brush with the law; three lost brothers are raised Hindu, Muslim and Christian but all have good hearts, revealed when they vanquish a villain and save a damsel in a tear-jerker ending.
In reality, Tiwari said, virtually everyone finds their loved ones within hours or, occasionally, days. In an extreme case, he said, it took 10 days to help a woman who was deaf and could neither speak nor write find her family. "There's no such thing as lost forever," he said. "That's only in films."
Unfortunately, the record isn't as good for India at large, given illiteracy, limited computerization and poorly motivated police.
In 2011, nearly 60,000 children were reported missing nationwide, a third of whom were never found, according to the National Crime Reports Bureau. Child-care groups say many Indian children are lost on family trips, abandoned or sold to sweatshops or the sex trade, sometimes by their parents. Many others run away.
Data on adults are more difficult to pin down, with some families so poor that they lack photographs of missing loved ones to show authorities. In one southern state, Andhra Pradesh, about 5,700 people reported lost in 2009 were still missing in late 2012.
Police concede that investigations of slayings, theft and higher profile crimes take precedence. Some disappearances are also more willful than others, said Avirup Mitra, founder of Kolkata-based Investigation Bureau. The private detective firm has tracked many "lost" or "kidnapped" spouses only to find them happily "lost" in another relationship, including husbands unable to take the jolt to their egos when their wives get better jobs than theirs.
"People just disappear one day," Mitra said. "It's a huge source of societal frustration."
Lost-relative numbers have declined with the spread of cellphones in India. Now most of the missing are children or elderly villagers barely able to afford train fare, let alone a cellphone.
Police have urged people at the festival to pin names to vulnerable family members. Others employ a more traditional method.
"My sister and I have one cellphone between us," said Ram Naresh, 70, a farmer. "We'll hold hands tight so we don't get lost."
As Tiwari's fame and good karma have spread — he charges nothing, relying on occasional private donations — others have edged in. Adjoining charity Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna focuses exclusively on lost women and girls. "With men, we push them over to the others," said Kanak Sharma, a volunteer.
Around the corner, the Computerized Lost and Found Center is using a high-tech approach, snapping digital camera shots that it posts on an oversized screen.
Tiwari takes the Johnny-come-latelys in stride.
"We've been here for the longest time and villagers know us," he said. "I haven't scrutinized the computer approach, but I sense they're trying to make their name. Who has time to look at images of the whole family?"
The octogenarian recently handed more responsibility to his youngest son and says this may be his last Kumbh Mela.
"I was very sick in November and thought I'd die," he said, taking a rest on a blanket, but his doctor told him it wasn't his time. "I thanked him. But he said, 'No, thank the Ganges.'"
Tiwari has twice been nominated for India's prestigious Padma award, a government honor that farmer Devi and thousands like her believe he richly deserves, even if selection-committee bureaucrats haven't seen fit.
"These guys fed me, gave me a blanket," she said, shortly before being reunited with her sister-in-law. "They're good souls, much better than my own family.
"I tell you, I'll think twice before coming to the Kumbh Mela again," Devi said. "And definitely not with that sister-in-law of mine."


Salman Khan to host a kids based reality show?

Dabangg' superstar Salman Khan is reportedly planning to hit the small screen again - this time as the host of a kids based reality show.

According to reports, the 47-year-old's archrival Shahrukh Khan is also set to clash with him on the small screen with the second season of his own kids based show, Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?
It was also heard that Salman is teaching ABCD to some kids.

Bhopal made 'Satyagraha' possible: Big B

Bhopal made 'Satyagraha' possible: Big BPraising the people of the city, Megastar Amitabh Bachchan said that without co-operation of the Bhopalites, shooting of 'Satyagrah' would not have been possible.     
"The work on 'Satyagraha' has been arduous and long and not without its moments of great emotion. The presence of hundreds on the set has been incredible…to have pulled off most of the important scenes with their co-operative presence has been great credit to the people of Bhopal, who really must be given huge appreciation for being such a disciplined lot. Really ! Without them and their regard for the visitor, this shoot would not have been possible," the Bollywood superstar wrote on his blog.
In his fight against corruption, Big B's character in the upcoming political saga 'Satyagraha', decides to fast a la real life social activist Anna Hazare.
"The moments though of voluntary fast for achieving the attention of rightful demand, in peace, has been a destructive weapon, without any shed of blood or violence nor any physical retaliation to the oppressor. This is what Mahatma Gandhi taught us, and this is what made us gain our independence from British Colonial Raj," said the 72-year-old actor.

Satyagrah is going to be released on August 15. Bhopal made 'Satyagraha' possible: Big BBhopal made 'Satyagraha' possible: Big BBhopal made 'Satyagraha' possible: Big BBhopal made 'Satyagraha' possible: Big BBhopal made 'Satyagraha' possible: Big BBhopal made 'Satyagraha' possible: Big BBhopal made 'Satyagraha' possible: Big B

We have named our Gangnam as Desi Gangnam: Jackky Bhagnani

It took actor Jackky Bhagnani a long time to get the rights to Korean singer Psy's superhit number Gangnam style for his film Rangrezz. He says it was his gift from him to his father, producer Vashu Bhagnani.
"I thought that Indians should also have this song. So I started a conversation, which took three months. When I got the papers signed for the song (Gangnam style), I took them to my dad and said, 'You have done a lot for me and I have got a gift for you'. He was shocked to see that gift," the 27-year-old said here Friday at the Wassup Andheri Fest.
"We have named our Gangnam as Desi Gangnam," said the actor, who admits he is now "trying to establish my own identity."
Meanwhile, Jackky also wants to concentrate a bit on his personal life.
"Let me earn for myself, then I will spend on my girlfriends. Earlier, I was fat, so girls never noticed me, but now I have shed weight, so let me make girlfriends first!" Jackky said.
Directed by Priyadarshan, Rangrezz, releasing March 22, features actress Priya Anand opposite Jackky.

On the sets of 'P.K': Aamir Khan and Sanjay Dutt in Rajasthani avatar

On the sets of 'P.K': Aamir Khan and Sanjay Dutt in Rajasthani avatarThe cast and crew of Rajkumar Hirani's new film 'P.K' has been shooting in Rajasthan for sometime now. And Aamir Khan has been spotted in various get ups, including one in a skirt! On the sets of 'P.K': Aamir Khan and Sanjay Dutt in Rajasthani avatarRajkumar Hirani has roped in Sanjay Dutt for a cameo in the film. Dutt and Hirani have previously worked together in the popular 'Munnabhai' series. On the sets of 'P.K': Aamir Khan and Sanjay Dutt in Rajasthani avatarAamir Khan's wife Kiran Rao and their son Azaad Rao Khan were also spotted on the sets of 'P.K'. News has it that Kiran will be playing a small role in the film. On the sets of 'P.K': Aamir Khan and Sanjay Dutt in Rajasthani avatarAamir Khan has been shooting in Rajasthan for sometime now. On the sets of 'P.K': Aamir Khan and Sanjay Dutt in Rajasthani avatarStrangely, in many of the shots Aamir has been spotted carrying a transistor. An important prop of the film, perhaps? On the sets of 'P.K': Aamir Khan and Sanjay Dutt in Rajasthani avatarFormer Minister of State for Tourism and Cultural Affairs of Rajasthan, Beena Kak was also spotted on the sets. On the sets of 'P.K': Aamir Khan and Sanjay Dutt in Rajasthani avatarThe film also stars Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput. On the sets of 'P.K': Aamir Khan and Sanjay Dutt in Rajasthani avatarThe little Azad Rao Khan was seen on the sets. Aamir's elder son, Junaid is working as an assistant director on the sets of 'P.K'.

Tigmanshu Dhulia struggles to book a title for film

Filmmaker Tigmanshu Dhulia is struggling to get a title for his assistant Karan Butani’s directorial debut, for which he is a creative producer. A source close to the filmmaker reveals that he has suggested many titles, but the Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association (IMPPA) approved none. “This is the seventh time that producer Sunit Jawadekar has gone to register a title and come back disappointed because it has already been registered in somebody else’s name,” says a source. Karan assisted Tigmanshu in Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster (2011).
Tigmanshu doesn’t want to compromise with the film’s name. When contacted, he revealed some of the titles that he was considering such as Ghamasaan, Bul Bul Bul Bandook, Gun Chakkar and Rifle Man, among others, which were ejected by the IMPPA. The filmmaker hopes that he will soon be able to book the right one. “It’s important to have a catchy title and at the same time it should communicate the essence of the film. We have been thinking of a few titles and hopefully will lock one soon,” says Tigmanshu.

Since November, every time the makers go to IMPPA, they do so with at least two titles so that if they don’t get one, they might hit the bull’s eye with the other.

The film, is about the gun culture that is very prevalent in the Chambal area of Madhya Pradesh and stars Jimmy Shergill, Shriya Saran and Kay Kay Menon.

Madhuri Dixit serious about doing comedy films

After winning hearts of millions of fans with her emotion-filled acting and dancing skills, Madhuri Dixit now wants to show her funny side on screen. The popular Bollywood actor, who currently has two films in her kitty, says she is open to doing all kinds of roles and does not want to restrict herself to certain characters.

Considering that Madhuri has heavy duty roles in her upcoming movies Gulab Gang and Dedh Ishqiya, she now wants to try something light - a comedy, fun film.

"I am open to anything (in films). I would love to do something that is fun... I would love to do comedy. I would like to do a lot of things. It depends on what I am offered, it depends what I like and what excites me," Madhuri told PTI in an exclusive interview here.

"It is not that I have restricted myself (to certain roles and films). Right now I am busy with two films. I have Jhalak Dikhla Jaa (a dance reality show on TV) coming up and have this online dance academy," the Dhak Dhak girl said about her projects and life in the film industry.

She would be seen next in Gulab Gang, produced by Anubhav Sinha, alongside Juhi Chawla, Mahie Gill and Shilpa Shukla among others. The film, directed by Soumik Sen, is a story of a gang of women fighting against social injustice. "Gulab Gang is shaping up really well. I am enjoying doing it. I have a very strong role in the film," the 45-year- old star said.

Her next project is Vishal Bharadwaj's Dedh Ishqiya, a sequel to 2010 movie Ishqiya, where she will be seen alongside veteran Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi.

"For Dedh Ishqiya we haven't started shooting yet. We will start in a couple of days. I am sure it will be fun working with Naseerji and Arshad as both are fabulous actors. It is an honour to work with him (Naseeruddin).

Madhuri, who will be back on silver screen after a gap of six years - she was last seen in Yash Raj's Aaja Nachle in 2007, insisted that she always tries to give her best. "If films are good they will do well," she said when asked about judging a movie's success on the basis of it doing a Rs 100-crore business.

Meet Ajay Devgn's five item girls in Himmatwala

fter his  item song in Himmatwala, Sajid Khan will soon be releasing the next track Dhoka, which features five item girls. Incidentally, these girls belong to different parts of the country and are big stars in their respective industries.

Our source says, "The makers are set to release Dhoka this Friday. What is striking is that Sajid has gone ahead and roped in five superstars from five different film industries, who will be seen dancing with Ajay Devgn." The song choreographed by Ganesh Acharya, will feature popular actresses from Bengali, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Punjabi and Gujarati cinema.

Says Sajid, "Ajay will be seen shaking his legs with five reigning superstars from regional cinema. I have got Sayantani Ghosh from Kolkata, Rinku Ghosh from Bhojpuri films, Amruta Khanvilkar from Marathi cinema, Surveen Chawla from Punjabi films and Mona Thiba from Gujarati cinema."

More on the girls:

Sayantani Ghosh

The actress is from Kolkata and is best known for her TV show Naagin that catapulted her to fame. She is extremely popular in Kolkata and is a known TV star.

Rinku Ghosh

Rinku is one of the most popular Bhojpuri actresses and has done films with all the top actors there. Her item songs have been blockbusters and this will be her first item song in Bollywood.

Mona Thiba
Mona Thiba is the biggest star in the Gujarati industry and has done multiple films there. She became a big star after her hit film Dikri No Mandvo. This will be her first brush with Hindi cinema.

Amruta Khanvilkar

Amruta was the find of a popular star hunt show, post which she did some films in Hindi and Marathi. Her biggest hit came in the form of the 2006 Marathi hit Golmaal and her song Mala jao dya na gari which turned her into a star overnight.

Surveen Chawla
Known for her TV shows, Surveen made it big when she was seen with Jimmy Sheirgill in his film Dharti. The film broke all box office records and she became a huge star in the Punjabi film industry. Post that, she has been seen in many Punjabi films and will be making her Bollywood debut with a Vikram Bhatt film.

Kiran Rao to do a cameo in husband Aamir's Peekay

She may be behind the cameras mostly, but Kiran Rao is all set to make her Bollywood acting debut - in a cameo in husband Aamir Khan's upcoming film.

With Aamir donning several hats, can Kiran be far behind? The actor and his family are currently in Rajasthan where the shoot is underway. Aamir, his wife and son Azad have moved there bag and baggage and plan to stay put till the schedule wraps up.

Our source says, "Raju is very keen that Kiran plays a cameo and since she is very much present on the sets, he has been coaxing her to do a small part."

Since the past three-four days, the unit has been shooting on the streets and various shops in and around Mandva, a village in Rajasthan. The director has come up with a couple of ideas where Kiran could be present in the backdrop.

The source adds, "Kiran is also keen to do it and will be shooting one of the sequences but Raju wants to keep it as a surprise element."

Baby, one more time!

Aamir Khan's debut film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak had his first wife Reena Datta in a fleeting appearance in the cult song Papa kehte hain. The news about his marriage remained under wraps until Aamir became a big star.

Royal background is a touchy topic for Soha Ali Khan

Don't rub in the royalty, please! That seems to have been Soha Ali Khan's underlying statement when at a public event, promoting her new film Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns, she made her displeasure clear at her royalty references being relentlessly rustled up.

Director Tigmanshu Dhulia said at the event that he chose Soha to play a princess in his film as she looked every inch the royalty in royal finery.

To this, the sharp-tongued Soha retorted: "Oh yes, I even sleep in royal clothes."

Explaining her snappy response, Soha said: "It is true. When I was asked if I was comfortable playing my character because of my royal background, I did respond that way.

"But I was being facetious in merely stating how 'unroyal' my dress sense is. As a matter of fact, I am so bohemian in my dress code that only recently have I started wearing shoes instead of chappals. So I was actually making fun of myself!"

Having said this, Soha adds she is very proud of her royal antecedents.

"I embrace my identity. It is a privilege to come from the background that I do. And it is this background that put me in Tigmanshu Dhulia's mind for my part as the princess in Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns. I am grateful for it," said the daughter of veteran actress Sharmila Tagore and late Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, who was nawab of Bhopal until 1971, when India abolished royal entitlements.

Amitabh Bachchan wants to be journalist in his next life

Bollywood mega star Amitabh Bachchan has said that he wants to be a journalist in his next life for the freedom of expression that scribes enjoy.
"Next life? A journalist for sure ! Shall have the joy and liberty to express and speak out, without fear of any repercussions," Bachchan posted on Twitter.
The 70-year-old actor is currently shooting Prakash Jha's upcoming political thriller Satyagraha – Democracy Under Fire in Bhopal.
"Prakash Jha shooting film at a speed that is rather astonishing !! But best is that he knows what he is doing ... most directors do," he added.
The film also stars Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal and Manoj Bajpai in the lead roles.

John Abraham wishes to direct Shah Rukh Khan

John Abraham turned producer with " Vicky Donor". He admits direction is also a part of his plan, and he would especially love to direct superstar Shah Rukh Khan some day.

"Not soon, but yes, definitely I will (direct). How do I put it... I think I will do a fairly decent job directing because I feel I have a vision and I would like to get that across," the 40-year-old said in an interview.

"An interesting person to direct... I would love to direct Shah Rukh! (He is) very interesting because there is a side and a facet about him that is very charismatic and I would not like to play on his strengths, but I would like to get something else out," added John.

Other actors he finds interesting to direct are: "Aamir (Khan) directs himself, so that's interesting about Aamir. Each one is different and probably if I am doing a fun film, may be Akshay Kumar. But I am not thinking about it right now, so it's completely hypothetical. I may (also) direct newcomers."

The Attacks of 26/11: Sanjeev Jaiswal is a believable Kasab

Sanjeev Jaiswal, who has been featured as Ajmal Amir Kasab in Ram Gopal Varma's latest film based on the Mumbai terror attacks of 2008, has striking similarities with Kasab. The world saw the CCTV grabs of Kasab creating havoc on the roads of Mumbai. The calmness with which the dreaded terrorist massacred the innocent people was not only disturbing but was the hint of the preparation they have been given before the D-day.
Jaiswal is from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and has been doing theatres since long but his foray into films is going to remain with him for a long time. One of the prime reasons of the audience's interest in the film was the hanging of Kasab, and thus people were eager to see the profile shots of the actor playing Kasab. Ram Gopal Varma must have heaved a sigh of relief after getting the initial reactions to the casting of Jaiswal as Kasab. The actor has the right physique and face to imitate Kasab on-screen.
Getting the right person for a crucial job might not have been as easy as it seemed on the screen. Imagine the number of parameters the actor needs to meet if he or she is enacting a character which is widely and recently seen by the audience.
 The Attacks of 26/11: Sanjeev Jaiswal is a believable Kasab
The film was promoted as the true account of the developments of November 26, 2008, so who would believe the film if the only known face of the entire proceeding is not going to look believable.
Everything from the height to the stride of Jaiswal was scrutinised before considering him for the role, however the task was not finished yet. It's a film that too with a possibility of invoking extreme emotions, and what other than dialogue can bring out the inner soul of the character.
One would have gone for dubbing as well but RGV doesn't prefer it. From Mohanlal (Company) and Kota Srinivasa Rao to Jeeva (Sarkar), he has preferred the dialogue with accent rather than taking someone else's voice. It is also helpful in giving authenticity to the characters so the person who was supposed to play Kasab was also expected to mouth dialogues. Here was another catch as Kasab was from Pakistan so the actor was required to have a particular dialect touch.
The list of demands wasn't small and actor's understanding of camera angles and mannerism were just other additions into it.
Sanjeev Jaiswal's theatre background and experience in Delhi would have helped him in honing his language skills which ultimately paved his way to 'The Attacks of 26/11'.
However, such roles have a flip side as well as the actor always feel the pressure of being typecast, especially when he has been liked as a particular character.

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