Monday, 16 May 2011

Asin Keeping Her Fingers Crossed

Asin is keeping her fingers crossed. The verdict will be out in a few days from now. Asin states, "I would not say I am nervous. But I am anxious to know how the audiences react to the movie and also to my performance. I have not watched the movie yet I do not do that before it releases. But I have decided to watch it first day, first show".
Asin may belong to Kerala, but the pretty actress, who is a leading name in South, speaks Hindi fluently. She smiles, "We shot Ghajini in sync sound, so there was no question of not knowing the language". In fact, Aamir had called up Asin after the screening of the Tamil version, congratulating her on her performance in the movie. She reminisces, "In the end, he casually asked me if I could speak in Hindi. I replied in the affirmative. I did not realize why he asked me that question, until the makers approached me for the Hindi remake".
With Ghajini and London Dreams in her kitty, Asin has decided to move bag and baggage to Mumbai. She smiles, "I moved to Mumbai in January this year. But that does not mean I have closed the doors for South movies. If the role interests me, I would instantly say 'yes' to a Tamil or Malayalam movie. Let's see how the career goes after Ghajini".


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