Thursday, 13 December 2012

Lady Gaga and Mick Jagger in bath

Lady Gaga and Mick Jagger in bath 300x300 Lady Gaga and Mick Jagger in bathLADY GAGA had a chat to MICK JAGGER this week – while soaking in her bathtub.Thankfully for Mick he wasn’t perched on her bidet during the conversation.
He was on the phone, after calling to discuss her collaboration with the ROLLING STONES during their gig in New Jersey this weekend.
A source said: “Gaga didn’t want to miss Mick’s call so she took it in the bath.“They spoke at length about what’s going to happen.
She also asked Mick if she could wear any of his old stage gear for their performance.”Good luck fitting into his tight trousers.
Meanwhile, Mick made a rare TV appearance on Tuesday on David Letterman’s US show.He took part in a skit called Things I, Mick Jagger, Have Learned After 50 Years In Rock ’N’ Roll.
These included “Be considerate of other hotel guests – trash your room by 10pm” and “You don’t earn a cent when someone does a song about having ‘moves like Jagger’.”Given how much that MAROON 5 track has raked in through airplay, Mick would be well within his rights to claim a few quid.

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