Friday, 7 December 2012

Sexy heroine Charmi kickboxing mania

charmi kickboxing 262x300 Sexy heroine Charmi kickboxing mania

It is always important for the heroines to look in their best shapes and due to that their chances of getting film offers are more. Therefore, many actresses hit the gym regularly and sweat it out. Some of them go for more power yoga and aerobics type to keep themselves in shape.  But here is one sexy heroine who seems to have taken one more route. She is none other than Charmi and this charming girl is reportedly manic about kickboxing.
Sources say Charmi finds new energy and invigorated whenever she goes to the gym and does her kickboxing practice.  The fitness experts say kickboxing is not just a martial art which helps the girls defend and protect themselves at times but it is also the effective format of workout which burns the fat easily and increases the stamina and strength. Even Shraddha Das is known to be an avid Kickboxing expert.

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