Thursday, 20 December 2012

Sneha Ullal attends Yasho Sagar’s funeral

sneha ullal 300x200 Sneha Ullal attends Yasho Sagars funeralThe death of Yasho Sagar, who died in a car accident near Shira in Thumkur district on December 19, has shocked many stars in Telugu film industry. Of them, the most shocked was actress Sneha Ullal as he met with the accident, while returning from her birthday in Mumbai. She attended his funeral in Bangalore and paid last respect to the departed actor.
Sneha Ullal, who stays in Mumbai, was speechless and couldn’t believe her ears, when she heard the death news of Yasho Sagar from his family. The actress took to her Twitter page, but could not write more than, “Rushing to Banglore..” In the evening, she added, “Funeral just done got the chance to see him one last time.RIP my Bharath (yasho).
Sneha Ullal celebrated her 25th birthday on December 18 and Yasho Sagar had been to Mumbai to attend her birthday bash. The actress regrets, “He came for my bday party…I have pics of him and we spoke all night..I wish I had not invited him..RIP Bharu.” The actress added, “Going back to Mumbai now.I’m speechless Bharath’s family waited just for me to see him one last time and say my goodbye.I will never forget.”

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