Monday, 31 December 2012

Yamudiki Mogudu 3rd Day Collections

Yamudiki Mogudu 3rd Day Collections Yamudiki Mogudu 3rd Day CollectionsNaresh (Allari Naresh) born with super natural powers with a mistake by Lord Brahma. Naresh who fails to pass intermediate does stage shows and in this regard he falls in NaradhaMuni’s trick ending up marrying Yamaja (Richa), Yamadharmaraja’s daughter who comes to Bhoolokam. Yamaja takes it seriously while Naresh hesitates his marriage initially but later falls in love with her. When everything falls in place, Yamadarmaraja (Sayaji Shinde) who comes to know about his daughter marriage takes her back to Yamalokam while Naresh who has the super natural powers follows him to the Yamalokam. The rest of the story is to be watched on the screens.
Yamudiki Mogudu 1st Day Collections is 3.48 Crores
Yamudiki Mogudu 2nd Day Collections is 3.15 Crores
Yamudiki Mogudu 3rd Day Collections is 3 Cr
Total Collections is 9.63 Crores

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