Friday, 4 January 2013

Prabhas Is Out Of Crisis For Mirchi

Prabhas-Is-Out-Of-Crisis-For----Mirchi----1441After the debacle of ‘Rebel’, this hunk hero is said to be taking care of each and every aspect of his upcoming movie such that there will be no losses this time. Here comes interesting news about ‘Mirchi’ in that connection.
During the time of ‘Rebel’, the producers are in 6.5 crores deficit before the release of the movie. And after release, the result is a dud and they lost much more. But for the upcoming ‘Mirchi’, Prabhas is ensuring that the makers will be in safe mode even before release. Some pre-release reports are saying that the movie was sold out in various areas for a whopping 16 crores. Dil Raju bought Nizam right for around 8.5 crores, while NV Prasad took Ceded for 5.4 and 14 Reels entertainment is releasing it in some parts of Andhra by paying 1.8 crores. If business of other areas too gets done and satellite rights of the movie are sold, then it will be table profits for producer.
Two new guys Pramod Uppalapati and Vamsi Krishna Reddy are producing this movie that got Prabhas, Anushka and Richa in the leads. They happen to be close pals of our hero and hence he is taking such a care, says a source. For now, Prabhas is out of crisis and the result will do other miracles, if there are any.

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