Friday, 28 December 2012

Kajal’s book on her past memories

Kajal Book Kajals book on her past memoriesSuddenly many are coming forward to write books on various self-experiences or reality based things. This is being seen a lot in the film industry. But the real interest is now picking up after few cinema people heard a statement from Kajal Agarwal.
It is heard that Kajal was sharing her thoughts on her micro-blogging site when she mentioned that she wants to write a book which is based on the memories of her past. Whether it is going to be her experiences of cinema, or her personal life, or something else is something nobody knows.
According to sources, Kajal is reportedly an avid reader of books and she is also a good traveler. Whether this has to do with her memoirs in this way or will she come up with some seriously inside stuff on cinema industry is the debate going on. But those who know Kajal say she is far too smart to come up with any controversies so her book is going to be smooth if she writes.

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