Friday, 28 December 2012

Pradeep Singh Rawat Out from BUL BUL

Pradeep Rawat 600x300 Pradeep Singh Rawat  Out from BUL BULThe villain from Telugu films Pradeep Singh Rawat has been removed from Kannada film ‘BUL BUL’ of challenging star Darshan and Ambarish starring film. The reason behind it is for demanding ‘Vanity Van’ for stay by the ‘Gajani’ fame actor. The crew of ‘BUL BUL’ made arrangements for the demand but before it came Rawat created disturbances to a few minds. Challenging star Darshan brother Dinakara Toogudeepa walked out of the location.
On Wednesday Rawat came to Bangalore to take part in the shooting of BUL BUL at Jade Garden. He was hell bent on providing a separate caravan for his off the shoot stay. When his demand was not met actor Rawat went to Devanahalli Police station and filed a police complaint for not giving right treatment to him.
The issue did not stop at this walking out of Rawat. The film team of ‘Bul Bul’ headed by director MD Sridhar also filed a fitting complaint against Rawat. The intervention of police sorted out the issue.
According to director MD Sridhar actor in character roles Rawat was raising objections for very small things and even after providing AC room for him to stay the demand of separate Caravan became the main issue.
Kannada actor in villain roles Sharat Lohitashva comes in place of Rawat from Friday for shoot.

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