Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Paathshala Sensations on Facebook

Paathshala on Facebook 300x234 Paathshala Sensations on Facebook

It took 3 people Mahi V’Raghav (Writer / Director), Sharath Chandra ( – Social media consultant) & Nandini Raja(casting director), 30 US dollars (to make the app), hours of brainstorming over 300 cups of coffee and 30 days to achieve 30,000 likes for our Facebook page.
To be very honest, it wouldn’t have been possible at all without the support of the 30,000 awesome people who are a part of our journey and the backroom boys at Moonwater pictures and the team at First Show (Rohita & Sridhar).
paathshala the movie is a Moonwater pictures production is directed by Mahi V’Raghav, produced by Rakesh Mahankali & Pavan Kumar Reddy, Cinematography by P.G.Vinda & Music by Rahul raj. The Movie is slated to release in October 2013.

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