Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Telugu Villain Subbaraju Rocking in Tamil

subba raju Telugu Villain Subbaraju Rocking in Tamil

The exchange and transfer of actors to various languages has been a common trend but one stream which was very hard has been the villains. There is a strong debate that Tollywood is suffering from scarcity of authentic Telugu villains and most of the big films import from Bollywood.
At a time like this, one actor has been proving himself as a worthy villain. We are talking about Subbaraju and now he is flexing his arms with his talent. It is heard that Subbaraju has gone to Tamil and is doing a film titled ‘Madha Gaja Raja’ which has Vishal, Anjali, Santhanam and others in the lead.
Not just Kollywood, in a Bollywood film also Subbaraju is doing as a direct villain. Already he has done a negative role in ‘Buddah Hoga Tera Baap’ and did an interesting cameo in ‘Department’. Looking at the way his career is going, it will not be long before Subbaraju will be making the Telugus proud.

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