Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Sekhar Kammula`s 3 reasons to remake Kahaani

shekar kammula kahaani Sekhar Kammula`s 3 reasons to remake KahaaniSekhar Kammula was very happy with the results of his recent movie ‘Life is beautiful’ .
Now he is palling to remake of Bollywood moive Kahaani. He explains three reasons why he finds ‘Kahaani’ as an apt remake for him.
One is, I am always inclined more towards women centric subjects.
Second is, the setting of story in Kolkata very much suits and is similar to Hyderabad.
Third is, thriller subjects have always been on my mind.’ However, the idea is still in prelimiary stages and Sekhar is rewriting the script before beginning the shoot.

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