Saturday, 16 February 2013

Ram's Director: Style But No Substance

It can be said that Prabhas and Ram are the two heroes who have a solid potential to get into the superstar league but somehow things haven’t been working. However, Prabhas has already climbed the ladder and his mania is picking up but it looks like Ram is stuck at a mysterious point in his career.
Though he has the right kind of looks and the energy levels with a good following, success hasn’t been working for him. Now, it is heard that he is doing his next project with director Hanu Raghavapudi who made his debut with ‘Andaala Rakshasi’. Eyebrows are already rising on why Ram wants to associate with Hanu.
‘Andaala Rakshasi’ came in with a lot of hype but the film contained only style but no substance so it ended up as a dud at the box office. So, if Ram has to really make something useful out of his next project, then he better ensure that Hanu comes up with some substance along with style or else both will sink.

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