Monday, 7 January 2013

Kim Kardashian to earn $16 million from her pregnancy

Kim-KardashianPregnant reality show star Kim Kardashian is in talks with TV bosses about filming everything to do with her pregnancy as well as becoming the face of lots of mother-to-be and baby products.
The 32-year-old celebrity is currently expecting her first baby with rapper boyfriend Kanye West, 35, reported Sun online.
“Kim is in talks with TV executives about filming the run-up to the birth – scans, hospital visits, everything. She could make USD 16 million from the pregnancy alone. She’s already been bombarded with tons of potential deals to endorse parental products,” a source said.
However, it is unsure whether Kim will allow TV cameras to film her giving birth like her sister Kourtney did when she had her two children.

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