Sunday, 17 February 2013

Backbench student movie ‘Jagada Jagada’ Simbu Power mix

Jagada Jagada Simbu Power m Backbench student movie Jagada Jagada Simbu Power mix (Video)Simbu renders the power mix to Jagada Jagada song from Geetanjali for Madhura Sreedhar’s Backbench student. Backbench student directed by Madhura Sridhar. It stars Mahat, Pia Bajpai and Archana Kavi in the main leads. Theme: This is the story of a Backbencher who failed 16 subjects in engineering, termed useless, and in the saga lost the trust of his family & also his love. Produced by Dr. M.V.K REDDY under Shirdi Sai Combies banner.
Presented by Multi dimension Entertainment Pvt.Ltd. Sunil Kashyap scores music.

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