Sunday, 17 February 2013

Gangnam star Psy to play Prabhu Deva’s role in Any Body Can Dance remake!

Psy to play Prabhu Deva rol Gangnam star Psy to play Prabhu Devas role in Any Body Can Dance remake!It seems a South Korean production house has been mulling over the idea of getting Gangnam superstar Psy to essay Prabhu Deva’s character in ABCD‘s remake
While some are raving about Prabhu Deva’s thespian skills in Any Body Can Dance (ABCD), there are also critics who have been hugely disappointed with the Southern star’s performance in the film. But that doesn’t really matter much ‘coz a bunch of South Korean filmmakers are smitten with Prabhu’s charm. And not just, that they are supremely impressed with the way ABCD is made. So now that they are hell-bent on buying the rights of the film, while the honchos of UTV Motion Pictures are taking their own sweet time to consider this offer (lucrative or not, we don’t know that yet).
But the question still remains – will Psy deliver a better performance than apna Prabhu in the remake? Well, we obviously have been in the loop when it comes to Psy’s grooving skills – he has that amazing energy and enthusiasm which can instigate even non-dancers to jump out of their seats and do a step or two. But c’mon, it’s tough to match Prabhu’s snake-like professional moves and his passion – which is so evident in the way he does everything – from those pelvic thrusts to those locking and popping steps.
Let’s see if the deal gets finalised. If yes, Psy has some serious work to do – that is match up to Prabhu’s amazingly cool dancing steps!

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