Saturday, 23 February 2013

Cameron invites Aamir to 10 Downing Street

cameron aamir khan Cameron invites Aamir to 10 Downing StreetThe British Prime Minister David Cameron who was in India on a short visit interacted with Aamir Khan at an educational institution in New Delhi.Naturally the two got acquainted. And, one hears that later the same evening, David Cameron invited Aamir to 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the British Prime Minister, when the actor is in London, the next time.
Aamir has accepted the invitation and he and his wife Kiran Rao Khan are expected to visit the PM’s home later this year.When Cameron visited a college in Delhi on Tuesday for a discussion with students, Aamir was the surprise drop-in, as the Indian ambassador for Unicef.
Their arrival in the college was announced by deafening cheers, and Cameron and Aamir walked in surrounded by security, and sat directly between the students — no boring speeches — and got talking to the girls next to them. It was quite a warming sight, two biggies sitting on the benches, talking animatedly like they’d known them for years.
After a few Q&As, they’d move on ahead to another group. Except that, nobody, not even the students, apart from those sitting next to them, could hear what they were discussing! There were no mics used.
The discussion was mostly about the inequality between boys and girls. But why would Cameron, and Aamir, want to limit their audience, is what we’re still puzzling over. When Obama addresses students anywhere, he rolls up his sleeves and is ready for a duel – which everyone can hear.

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