Monday, 25 February 2013

Kapu and Kamma’s boycotted Prabhas Raju ?

prabhas movie Kapu and Kammas boycotted Prabhas Raju ?These days media is trying to bring out sensational angle in each and every aspect. If a film becomes flop media thrashes the hero and if it becomes a hit it tries to throw mud at others. Recent hit Mirchi has been doing well at the box office with support from all the sections of audience. However, some sections of media is trying to create caster controversies using Mirchi’s success.
As per them Prabhas’s increasing stardom is not going down well with Kapus and Kammas, who have been dominating Telugu film industry from so long. Therefore media people belonging to Kapu and Kamma communities are spreading false rumors about Prabhas stamina, is what they allege.
How ridiculous? Do really people watch films keeping the hero’s caste in mind? Did Mirchi collect 33 crore rupees in two weeks with two communities boycotting it? If so should we say Mirchi is Raju’s hit and Naayak is Kapu’s hit and SVSC is Kamma hit? Where do these stupid logics come from?
This is just a baseless allegation from few media circles who love to churn out masala items for their survival. Of course heroes do get support from people belonging to their community. But a film’s success is beyond these caste equations and a hero’s range can neither be suppressed nor glorified from a section of media. All depends in the numbers and crowd pulling abilities of that respective hero.

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