Saturday, 9 March 2013

Graphics expert Venky passes away

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Acclaimed visual effects specialist Venki Sambamoorthy, who has worked in some landmark films like Shankar’s Indian and Jeans passed away yesterday, March 7th, unexpectedly. He suffered a heart attack at around 3 pm in Ooty. His body has been brought to Chennai and the last rites are expected to happen today.
Venki is a winner of National Award for Best Special Visual Effects – four timemes in a row. He has been winner of and nominee to almost all the Awards outside the National award in the country several times over. He has been engaged in over a 100 productions – big and small in many languages in a career spanning 20 years.
Venki has worked with the most reputed feature film Production houses, directors and popular artistes in the country and has often been responsible for the genesis of the film, with Special Effects as the dominant element also solely responsible for the creative content and execution of a film’s SFX.

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