Friday, 8 March 2013

Sridevi in Reel life and Real life

sridevi kapoor and boney kapoor Sridevi in Reel life and Real lifeSridevi’s stellar performance in a role of responsible house-wife in ‘English Vinglish’ has earned her many accolades. Will she be the same in real life too?
Yes, says her happy husband Boney Kapoor.  In a very touching and heartfelt interview to Film magazine, Boney Kapoor revealed many a secret about his life and relationship with wife Sridevi.
Boney Kapoor says it is Sridevi who always tries to keep the family together. She is not only concern about her own daughters Jhanvi and Kushi, but also about Boney Kapoor son Arjun and daughter Anshula from his first marriage.
“Even after we’ve had a late night she will wake up at 6.30 to see if the girls have had their breakfast and drop them to the gate. She’s a devoted family person whether it’s with my parents or children. When I celebrated my 50th birthday, all my children were present. She always sees that the family remains together. She goes an extra mile for that” told Boney Kapoor.

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