Monday, 17 December 2012

Being a brand ambassador is a huge responsibility: Deepika Padukone

soap Fiama Di Wills launch Being a brand ambassador is a huge responsibility: Deepika PadukoneThe first thing that you notice about Deepika Padukone, besides her ravishing good looks, is the sheer spontaneity with which she answers questions.
At a suburban Mumbai mall to launch the luxury soap Fiama Di Wills that she endorses, Padukone is in a chirpy mood.
She tells media why a brand is much more than big money for her and why having a boyfriend is not her top priority right now.
While signing on for advertising brands, is money the main and perhaps the only driving force?
A lot of people would like to believe that, but that’s not very true.
Being a brand ambassador is a huge responsibility as I am the voice of the brand and I stand for what the brand represents. That implies that the monetary value doesn’t influence me at all while choosing to be the face of a particular brand.
I feel very proud of being associated with my products because I strongly believe that they look for somebody that best reflects their brand’s personality and if they find that in me, it is an honour.
That is how I connect and identify with all the products that I endorse. Also, seeing them grow and enter innovative markets is something that gives me great satisfaction.

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