Saturday, 16 February 2013

Only Way Out For Sekhar Kammula

Sekhar Kammula is one of those moviemakers who kind of created a new trend with his style of filmmaking. Almost all his movies have been those typical soft and sober entertainers and even a political subject like ‘Leader’ was handled in a rather cushioned way. With each film of his, the interest level of the audience is dropping.
So now, it is heard that some of his close circles and well wishers are suggesting that it is time for Kammula to change his technicians. They add that unless he works with a different team and someone more experienced the output of his movies are not going to improve.
Also, Kammula needs to change the genre of his movies. Soon, he would take off with the remake of the Bollywood hit ‘Kahaani’. Now that film has zero entertainment quotient and runs on a serious note. Telugu audience is used to some light hearted moments and some fun. So, a serious subject coupled with Kammula’s hand in its making, one can imagine what is going to happen.  Let us see what he does about it.

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