Saturday, 16 February 2013

Is She Rana's Dream Bride?

Already his best buddies in town like Ram Charan, Bunny are happily married Rana has been busy hitting the headlines with various linkups and gossips of affairs with different actresses. But things are changing a bit.
Sometime ago Rana was sharing his thoughts in an interview when he reportedly mentioned that his dream bride would be someone who knows and speaks fluent Tamil, someone who is well aware of the ways of the film industry. He had reportedly added that even if the girl doesn’t know Telugu also it’s fine but Tamil is compulsory.
Decoding all these statements some of the industry birds are pointing their fingers towards only one girl. She is Trisha. If one has to look at it, Trisha fits in all the requirements of Rana and already there are strong gossips about both being involved in an affair. Silently some are  looking at Trisha and whispering…is she Rana’s dream bride?

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