Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Muslim organisations accept Kamal Haasan’s request

kamal vishwaroopam muslim Muslim organisations accept Kamal Haasans requestThe Tamil Nadu unit of Muslim League on Monday said it would serve biriyani to 1000 persons if there are no scenes against Muslims in Viswaroopam.
This is in reaction to Kamal Haasan’s request on Sunday. In a statement, Kamal said, ‘Muslims, who suspect they have been depicted in a wrong manner will have a change of heart after watching the film and as a remedy they have to send their brother (Kamal) lot of Biriyani for Eid next year, which I will share with the poor.’
Kamal had kicked up a row when he decided to release his trilingual ‘Vishwaroopam’ on Direct-To-Home platform eight hours ahead of its release on January 11 next.
Claiming that a majority of the Tamil cinema industry had backed his DTH idea as ‘novel’, he said only a minor section was agitated against his proposal and spreading unnecessary rumours.

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