Friday, 14 December 2012

Shraddha Das Turned Into Vampire

Shraddha Das Turned Into Vampire 600x282 Shraddha Das Turned Into Vampire‘Try and try until you succeed’ is one of the best policies adopted by many successful people in their lives. There is one heroine who is following the same policy and became ‘blood drinker’ for that.
Spicy Bengali babe Shraddha Das needs no introduction to Telugu audiences and her quality glamour also needs no introduction to film lovers. After doing every possible stint including raunchy sexposing, two piece bikinis and else, Shraddha finally got vexed with Tollywood. As she is getting only b-grade offers that require just glamour, she moved to other tinsel towns to test her luck.
Right now she is coming up with a film ‘Dracula 3D’ where she is portraying the role of a vampire, a blood drinking hot woman. This movie is releasing in Telugu as ‘Punnami Raatri’ and the terrifying pose of Shraddha on that poster is shaking many hearts. With skin-factor failing to do magic for her, we have to see if fear-factor will do any benefit.

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