Friday, 14 December 2012

Smell Lakshmi Manchu’s Scent Here!!!

Smell Lakshmi Manchu s Scent Here 1438 600x606 Smell Lakshmi Manchus Scent Here!!! This is how the packaging of Lakshmi Manchu’s personalized scent brand is going to look like. This perfume is named as ‘Iconoplast’ but not on the name of Lakshmi Manchu as expected. The full name goes like ‘Iconoplast, By Lakshmi Manchu’.
However, the Lakshmi’s sensuous close-up picture on the package cover will surely make not just her fans but every eligible bachelor buy that perfume. By closing her eyes and giving a strong contrast lips to the mirror, surely this ‘Iconoplast’ is going to blast.
This perfume is getting released into market shortly and the prelaunch will happen at N-Convention in Hyderabad on coming Monday. Stay tuned to for updates.

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