Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Kate Middleton’s Spray Tans Hinted At Her Pregnancy: REPORT

Kate Middleton1 Kate Middletons Spray Tans Hinted At Her Pregnancy: REPORTWhile we spent most of the weekend occupied with the Presidential Inauguration, we found a sliver of time to fixate on this tidbit: Kate Middleton spray tans.
We shouldn’t be too surprised, really, seeing as the duchess’ sister, Pippa, has a well-publicized problem with over-bronzing herself. But we always saw Kate as the more natural of the two…
Alas, according to the Daily Mail, Catherine “usually likes just enough to give herself a little glow before a public appearance.” In fact, it was this propensity for faux glows that gave her pregnancy away: according to a “mole with the St. Tropez tan” company, Kate abruptly cancelled a series of at-home tanning appointments beginning in October, a giveaway that she was expecting. (Medical experts have warned against spray tanning while pregnant due to the active chemicals in the tanner.)
Luckily her beautician didn’t spill the news, nor did Kate’s pale visage give the secret away. But now we all know that she’s pregnant… and that she uses spray tanning like her oft-orange sister.
Read more of the gossip at and examine the evidence yourself. Does Kate seem to have lost that tanner glow over the last few months?

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