Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Lakshmi Rai wants to play Delhi gang rape victim Nirbhaya

Lakshmi-Rai-HotEven as the country struggles to recover from the shock of the Delhi gang-rape and the subsequent death of the victim, ‘Nirbhaya’, film and TV serial makers have been quick to use the incident as inspiration for storylines.
Nirbhaya will soon come alive in a Telugu film and a Hindi crime series. And actress Lakshmi Rai, who is known for being vociferous about her opinions, says that she wouldn’t mind essaying the role of Nirbhaya on the big screen.
“I don’t see why I shouldn’t play a role like this. This is an issue that has affected many of the country’s youth and has raised an alarm like never before. I want to do my bit by playing the victim of the Delhi gang-rape,” says Lakshmi.
The actress, who will next be seen as a fiery journalist in AMR Ramesh’s Veerappan biopic, further adds, “By doing a film on Nirbhaya, I will be educating everyone on the dangers in society. From children to adults, everyone is in a state of panic.
I believe that there wouldn’t be anything wrong in essaying a role like this, I’d gladly take it up if someone approaches me with a script.”Meanwhile, Lakshmi, who is upbeat about her next film, Onbadhula Guru, says, “I have a lot of expectations from this. I also am going to begin work on Kodi Ramakrishna’s film shortly, which was delayed a little due to his ill-health.

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