Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Telugu New Movie Titled FUCK

telugu-fuck-movieThe thumb rule for any film project is that it can gain the maximum attention and create maximum impact if its title is catchy. That is why many moviemakers spend a lot of time in coining the right title. But there are times when few titles not only surprise but also create a shock. Here is one such film’s title raising eyebrows.
It is titled as ‘FUCK’ but if you look at it closely then it is ‘F.U.C.K’ with a caption that reads Fun Unlimited Can Kill. This is being directed by Sandeep Raj and it is heard that this is an attempt from the NRI Telugus who claim this to be a unique attempt filled with elements of suspense and mystery.
The film has Akiti and his character’s name is Maddy. As of now, the title has caught the attention of many and some are also saying that it could be a message oriented youth entertainer. Whatever it is we would know as the makers start revealing more details in the future.

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