Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Naayak Story Revealed

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Naayak(Nayak) will open out in a predictable manner with one as a soft lover boy (Cherry) enjoying his life peacefully immersed in the love track and comedy of Brahmanandam when suddenly his life takes a turn when he was arrested for brutal murders that were going on. Suspense will be on as movie will go for a break and when the judge was about to give death sentence for the soft guy, movie lovers will be in for a shock with the entry of Mass guy (Cherry). Second half will be treated with MS Narayana mark comedy.
Why Mass Guy committed these murders and what will be the impact on Soft Guy along with the relation between both of them should be enjoyed on silver screen.
Fans and movie lovers are waiting eagerly for the release of Mega Power Star Ram Charan Teja’s Naayak(Nayak) and with expectations are soaring already on the records this mass entertainer will break, insiders opened the nutshell of Nayak. This will be a mega treat for fans and movie lovers alike and they can form their own visualization and arrive at the judgment whether Naayak(Nayak) will shatter all records.

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