Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Nithya Menon facing problem with Tall Hero

nitya-menon-cuteActress Nithya Menon has done movies as ‘Veppam’ and ‘180’.  Currently, Nithya Menon is into movie ‘All in All Azhagu Raja’.  Also, Nithya Menon is busy in Telugu cine field.  Currently she is into Telugu movie ‘Khunde Jaari Kallatthayindae’.
The hero for the movie is much taller than Nithya. As Nithya did intimate scenes with the hero in song sequences, they made Nithya stand on a small stool, and then they shot the scenes.
It is usual for movie crew to maintain secrets about scenes being taken.  But everybody was surprised as the movie’s poster was released recently.
The director created sensation by showing pictures of Nithya Menon with the hero, and the scenes showing her standing on the stool.When asked with the director, he said ‘It is just for promotion of the movie.’

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