Thursday, 24 January 2013

Kamal Hassan’s Letter to the Supporters

kamal hassan letter Kamal Hassan’s Letter to the SupportersMembers of a Tamil party fringe Pro-Sri Lankan Tamil group staged a protest outside actor Kamal Haasan’s house on 23rd May demanding that Kamal Haasan to resign his Chairman post of  FICCI Media and Entertainment Business Conclave.
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) organization is said to be the official partner of International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards ceremony which will be held in Colombo, Srilanka from June 3-5.
The Global Business Forum, organised by Industry body FICCI, is also scheduled to be held there at that time. Reportedly Pro-Tamil groups in the state had submitted a request to actor Kamal Haasan on 23rd May stating that Kamal Haasan’s resignation from FICCI would “set the right precedent” in the interest of the Sri Lankan Tamil community. The request also urged him to pressure FICCI to change the Global Business Forum from Sri Lanka. Also they held banners demanding that he must return his Padmasri award.
Kamal Haasan has written a letter to all Tamil supporters hours after the members of the movement submitted a request to him stating that he will not return the Padmasri award . In his letter he said, “All Top office-bearers of FICCI, including its president have accepted my request to not attend the IIFA event (being held in Colombo this year).
They have also told me that they would not attend the Business forum (scheduled as part of the three day IIFA). It is not in the hands of “small bodies” like FICCI to prevent corporates from carrying out business” “I had asked FICCI not to participate in IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) event driven by my
own feelings but I see no reason for returning the award. I don’t see that we can achieve anything by returning the honour bestowed upon me by my country,” he added.

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