Monday, 21 January 2013

Sekhar Kammula to Remake Leader with Rajinikanth

shekar kammula leader remake Sekhar Kammula to Remake Leader with RajinikanthI have always been an admirer of Rajinikanth. I grew up watching his earlier films like Anthuleni Katha and it’s amazing to see his rise to fame as a cult figure today,” Sekhar Kammula said at a recent book launch of Rajinikanth : A Definitive Biography, written by Naman Ramchandran.
Talking about the choice of Rajinikanth’s roles, Sekhar said, “It’s interesting to note that he started off his career by playing supporting roles and villain before his transition to being a superstar. I think a lot of great actors in cinema have followed similar trajectory.” When Naman Ramachandran asked him if he ever considered directing a film with Rajinikanth, he said,
I would love to direct a film with Rajinikanth. In fact, I tried to get in touch with him for the Tamil remake of Leader but didn’t succeed.I think he’s perfect for the role. He has the power to change governments, influence politics on a large scale and Leader would have been just perfect. So yes, if I was given a chance, I would love to remake Leader in Tamil with Rajinikanth.”

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