Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Ganesh screwed for Gabbar singh’s under reporting

IT Raids on bandla ganesh 7827837823 300x180 Ganesh screwed for Gabbar singhs under reporting  aplive.netIncome Tax raids on Producer Bandla Ganesh continued today as the IT official called the producer to report in their office and Ganesh had no choice to avoid them.
It is known fact that Ganesh produced  Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Gabbar Singh’,  The movie collections were under reported by the producer , the movie which has collected over 170+ crores gross world wide with a share of 85+ crores as reported by a National English daily was shown just 69+ crores in books. Sources say, The IT official screwed him in this regard and at the same time they also enquired about his financial back support .
As known fact, A top minister from Congress who hails from Uttar Andhra is investing his money in Tollywood with help of Ganesh and CM Kiran Kumar Reddy who has differences with this minister might have initiated these raids to corner the minister, is the talk among political circles.
Meanwhile, IT official; seized some documents, gold from Ganesh Babu’s house.

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