Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Botcha says ‘Jai Telangana’

jai Telangana bosta Botcha says Jai Telangana  aplive.netContinuing his flip-flop on various issues, the Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee president, Botcha Satyanarayana, on Monday reportedly gave his opinion on Telangana,
Acoording to internal sources, Botcha believed to have expressed his stand on Telangana to the high command, Sources say, He is very much in separation of Telangana .
From the beginning, Botcha was for separation o0f the state but his recent participation in ‘Jai Andhra Pradesh’ meeting  held in R ajahmundary organised by Vundavalli raised doubts on him, but with latest news from Delhi , its clear he is not against formation of Telagana and that’s the reason CM Kiran kumar Reddy might had initiated IT raid on his close aide Tollywood producer yesterday.

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