Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Prabhas Mirchi in a Controversy

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It is getting quite common these days, some people or some classes being offended with movies. And Young Rebel Star Mirchi is the latest entrant in to the club. Few leaders from Arekatika Porata Samithi had stormed in to Sandhya theater at RTC ‘X’ Roads and demanded the immediate removal of words like ‘Katika’ and ‘Kasayi’ from the movie.
They made it clear that those words are intended to demean their work and insult their community. They also threatened that they would not let the director and producer go if they did not remove those words from the movie.
The Police had to intervene in between and arrest them to prevent any untoward incidents. On the other side, Mirchi had a great weekend at the box office and raked in the best figures of Prabhas’ career.

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