Sunday, 24 February 2013

Kadal Actress Thulasi Nair to appear for board exams

Kadal actress Thulasi Nair Kadal Actress Thulasi Nair to appear for board examsThe ‘Kadal’ actress Thulasi Nair admits that after her dream launch in a Mani Ratnam’s film, life has not been the same for her. “I was born into a family of film stars and got a dream debut in cinema under Mani sir’s direction. Naturally, expectations ran sky high” says, Thulasi.
The actress who made headlines with her performance in the film ‘Kadal’ admits that she was a total novice to the the world of cinema until the auditions for ‘Kadal’ happened.
She is currently working with Jiiva, in the film ‘Yaan’. “Since Jiiva was my sister’s hero in her debut movie, the conversations between me and him almost always end in her. He has an old association with the film industry and I am learning from him everyday”, she added.

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