Wednesday, 13 February 2013

National Media’s Mirchi ratings !

426585 414798771941368 1037398753 n1 300x166 National Medias Mirchi ratings !  aplive.netThe most waited first big film of 2013 ‘Mirchi’ is shaking entire Andhra Pradesh with record collections, released in Telugu all over the world this week.
Now let us see what national media and other popular News Dailies in English say about this film.
Times Of India
Rating 2.5/5
Watch it for Prabhas, for there isn’t much of anything else that this movie has to offer, besides extreme close-ups of Richa’s waistline.
Deccan Chorinicle
Rating: 2/5
Predictable plot fails film, but for Prabhas lively performance, some breath taking action sequences and few romantic movements with Anushka & Richa , the much hyped film Mirchi belies expectations due to the predictable plot.
Rating : N/A
Mirchi lacks narrative power and is loosely based on an amalgamation of some old films, which makes the film quite predictable.
Rating : 3.25/ 5
Mirchi showcases Prabhas in a different avatar. Neat package of masala moments and Prabhas are the strengths. Mirchi is a decent entertainer and a time pass flick.
Rating : 2.5/5
Mirchi has an overdose of violence, It  is a regular potboiler with high-voltage action.
Rating :N/A
Mirchi: Blood, gore and punch,  There is nothing upsetting about the film, neither is there anything that is uplifting. It’s the old wine mixed with freshly squeezed berries and a reasonably new bottle. Perhaps it is time to think of films that deviate from the ‘formula’ and bargain with intellect.
Mirchi is Prabhas’ show all the way, Go watch it and if nothing else, you’ll end up liking Prabhas and Anushka.
Rating  N/A
Mirchi Telugu film has a weak script

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