Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sakshi Journalists are Jaffas !!

sakshi media Sakshi Journalists are Jaffas !!  aplive.netAccording to Telugu Desam leader Revanth Reddy, Some of the Sakshi Journalists are Jaffa’s. Reacting to yesterday’s Ambati Rambabu’s demand to open a rowdy sheet against TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu, Revanth fired on sakshi media and YSRCP , He said, Some of the Sakshi journalists are Jaffas( Jagan fans) who pelted eggs and stones from Sakshi office in Babu’s pada Yatra in Guntur and TDP leader retaliated by pelting back stones on them.
He added, If Sakshi Journalists want to express their concern in this incident , there are many forums to show their protest but Sakshi Jaffas choice NTR Bhavan as target and held a protest in front of it. In many instances Andhra Joythy paper offices were attacked by YSRCP but they never protest in-front of YSRCP offices instead they logged a complaint in police station, but Sakshi who started the whole drama did not dare to log a complaint instead used their media for false propaganda.
Jagan Sister, who was accused of fake injury and surgery should come-up with enough proofs but she challenges back at Chandra Babu to touch her feet. He said TDP party has due respect for Journalist fraternity but those who are in Sakshi should rethink about their ethics.

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