Friday, 22 February 2013

Rajasekhar is very good natured but lacks Discipline: Director

rajasekhar and tammareddy Rajasekhar is very good natured but lacks Discipline: DirectorThe star celebrity couple of Rajasekhar and Jeevitha were no where seen these days after their exit from YSR Congress Party. Due to several compulsions, the new project of ‘mahankali’ which went on floors long ago has finally come near for a release on March 2. Trailer was released yesterday and one of the guests at the event, Taammareddy Bharadwaja’s comments on Rajasekhar has found some dissimilar significance on personal life character of Angry Hero.
‘As a person, Rajasekhar is very good natured. But, he lacks in discipline and that is the reason why, he is not able to come out of many problems. This quality has become a big minus factor hindering his growth else Rajasekhar could have joined the list of Big Star Heroes long time ago,’ Tammareddy explained. Wish that, ‘mahankali’ will bail out all the troubles of Rajasekhar and his family.

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