Friday, 22 February 2013

Amal Fashanu has Nip Slip on ‘Arbitrage’ Red Carpet (PHOTOS)

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In our experience, there are two types of wardrobe malfunctions: those that happen to a person through no fault of her own, and those that are brought upon by gross oversight of the wearer herself. (Ahem, Brittny Gastineau.)
We’re pretty sure Amal Fashanu falls into the latter category.
To attend the London premiere of “Arbitrage,” the aspiring model opted for a long-sleeved leopard print gown with a thigh-high slit and — wait for it — an off-center boob window. So it was no surprise when the 24-year-old suffered a nip slip right there on the red carpet. What was she thinking? And where was the double-stick tape?
We want to feel bad for Amal, but we just can’t seem to muster any pity for a woman who chose to wear an off-center boob window in front of flashing cameras. But hey, if she’s planning on launching a career as a model, she’ll have to get used to showing some skin…AMAL FASHANU NIP SLIP 570 Amal Fashanu has Nip Slip on Arbitrage Red Carpet (PHOTOS)AMAL FASHANU NIP SLIP 571 Amal Fashanu has Nip Slip on Arbitrage Red Carpet (PHOTOS)
Check out the photos below and tell us: Do you think she could’ve avoided this wardrobe malfunction?

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