Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sunny Leone, Kamal R Khan’s Twitter war goes legal

Sunny Leone Rape Sunny Leone, Kamal R Khans Twitter war goes legal“Jism 2″ actress Sunny Leone has filed a complaint against actor Kamal R Khan in the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell for falsely attributing a controversial rape comment to her on his Twitter page.
A few days back, Leone had reportedly tweeted some controversial comment on rape which she later denied, claiming her account was hacked for a few minutes.
Kamal later attributed the comments to her, tweeting, “Ye lo… Sunny Leone says ¿ Rape is not a crime, it’s surprise sex.”
The adult movie star has now lodged a written complaint at the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell of the Mumbai police urging action.
“In normal cases I would have ignored this man’s tweet but it became an issue and I am not insensitive. Being a woman I am not one to make a loose comment on rape at a time when the country is in the aftermath of what happened in New Delhi.
“It is disgusting for someone to make a joke out of this. I strongly condemn the man’s incorrect and insensitive statement and his false accusations of me having made a callous remark like that,” she said in a statement.
Former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant, Kamal is notorious for making outrageous comments on his Twitter page.
The actor has been tweeting against Leone for sometime and now claims that he is filing a counter case against the actress at Versova police station.
“My lawyers are preparing cases to file in Mumbai and Delhi against Sunny Leone. So just wait and I promise to deport her from India very soon. I shall file case against Sunny Leone at Versova police station at 2pm today,” he posted.

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