Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Vodafone 1p/3sec call charge reduction in Kerala

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Promotional offer from Vodafone provides the best call charge reduction in Kerala.Get 1p/3 sec call charge for Vodafone to Vodafone local calls,1p/2 sec call charge to other networks and 1p/sec to all landline numbers.This offer which can be activated through sms is charged at Rs 18 for 30 days.To activate this call charge reduction offer from
Vodafone Just sms BONUS18  to 144.The offer will be activated within 1 hour and Rs 18 will be deducted from your main account balance.This offer is a part of the personalized offers(*121#) campaign from Vodafone.In my view its one of the best offers from Vodafone.The charge of Rs 18 will be negligible for those customers who make calls for charges above Rs 100 or so per month.Surely the customers will benefit from this offer as Vodafone has got a great network with fantastic coverage

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