Monday, 4 March 2013

‘Dream’ hops to Canada in flying colours

ragendra prasad dream ‘Dream’ hops to Canada in flying coloursThe film has been selected for the Royal Reel Award at the 2013 Canada CIFF to be held in April
A film that did not move the Box Office, but which drew critical acclaim when it hit screens last year, ‘Dream’, starring Rajendra Prasad, has drawn international spotlight.
The film has been selected for the Royal Reel Award at the 2013 Canada International Film Festival (CIFF) to be held in Vancouver on April 5 and 6.
Directed by K. Bhavani Shankar, the medical thriller’s story revolves around a retired Army officer who lives in a gated community, spending time playing war video games.
He suffers from ‘hypnagogia’, a rare medical disorder that makes the hero dream and also firmly believe that all his dreams are real. Announcing the honour, Mr. Bhavani Shankar said that he had received a communication to this effect from William Young, Festival Director, CIFF.
The young director, who spent a while in the US a few years ago working in the pharma industry, is thrilled that his dream has turned real. “I am thrilled at being invited to such a prestigious event, and it is an honour that my film will be screened before an international audience comprising the best of film makers and film lovers, critics, et al,” he said.
Mr. Rajendra Prasad told that he was bolstered with the satisfaction of having worked in an award-winning film in a unique genre.

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