Monday, 4 March 2013

Aadhi Bhagavan Movie 9 Days Collections

Aadhi Bhagavan Movie 9 Days Collections Aadhi Bhagavan Movie 9 Days CollectionsJayam Ravi yet again does an energetic role in the movie. His hard work for 2 years can be seen on screen. Jayam Ravi completely changed his physique for this movie he looked dashing throughout the movie.
Neetu Chandra is quite glamorous as well as with some rough look in the film and she has done her role well as Karishma. Her chemistry with Jayam Ravi worked well.
Ameer Sultan and Sudha Chandran have done justice to their roles, Sakshi Sivanand is impressive in special appearance and others were adequate.
Aadhi Bhagavan 1st Day Collections is 3.85 Crores
Aadhi Bhagavan 2nd Day Collections is 4.08 Crores
Aadhi Bhagavan 3rd Day Collections is 4.13 Crores
Aadhi Bhagavan 4th Day Collections is 3.68 Crores
Aadhi Bhagavan 5th Day Collections is 3.09 Crores
Aadhi Bhagavan 6th Day Collections is 2.82 Crores
Aadhi Bhagavan 7th Day Collections is 2.63 Crores
Aadhi Bhagavan 8th Day Collections is 2.56 Crores
Aadhi Bhagavan 9th Day Collections is 2.62 Crores

Aadhi Bhagavan Total Collections is 29.46 Crores

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