Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ramu isn't happy with the reviews of The Attacks of 26 /11

irector Ram Gopal Varma took to a micro-blogging to express his anger towards film critics

Ram Gopal Varma's recent film, The Attacks of 26/11, which is based on the horrific nights of 26/11/2008, has not received good reviews from the critics. While few rubbished the film as just another RGV film with lack of details, few have also rated it as only watchable. The film tells the tale of the night when ten armed terrorists attacked Mumbai and left the world shocked forever.

Though RGV had kept in mind minute details while filming it, he hasn't been getting good reviews about it. From what kind of shoes to the kind of rifles used int he film, he and the producers had kept a track of everything, but in vain. RGV took to twitter to express his anger. "Its amazing 2 c wht joy ppl get in running dwn a film,,, frm critics relishing 2 rip it 2 columnists hurrying 2 bury u all anyways (sic)." the director wrote. Though he seemed to be optimistic about such criticisms, Ramu further added, "Its difficult to say whether kasab got more pleasure in killing people or the people who are trying to kill 26/11 are getting more pleasure (sic)". The film has also received modest openings at theatres. Reports suggest only 10 per cent occupancy at Mumbai multiplexes and cancellation of shows at single screens.

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