Sunday, 3 March 2013

Daniel Day-Lewis wants a break from acting

After his Oscar-winning turn as former US President Abraham Lincoln, actor Daniel Day-Lewis has said he is taking a break from films. The London-born actor, 55, wants a break because he fears he could never top his performance in 'Lincoln', reported Daily Star.
His role as the US President made him the first star in history to scoop three Best Actor awards.
"I don't have any projects lined up I haven't got anything planned for a length of time. I can't imagine what I would try to do after playing Lincoln," he said. Daniel Day-Lewis wants a break from acting
Day-Lewis finished filming the historical epic over a year ago but has refused to sign up for any future roles.
"I haven't even started contemplating what's next. But I know if I do think about doing another role it would seem really inconceivable," he added.

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