Saturday, 15 December 2012

Lady Gaga Accused of ‘Illegally’ Promoting Gay Rights in Russia

lady gaga accused Lady Gaga Accused of Illegally Promoting Gay Rights in RussiaLady Gaga Accused of ‘Illegally’ Promoting Gay Rights in Russia, Lady Gaga Accused in Gay Rights Case
Politician Vitaly Milonov — an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin — is up in arms, accusing the pop icon of promoting gay rights to minors during her Sunday sold-out show in St. Petersburg, Russia.
“We saw that in addition to music, songs and such, there were direct calls for 12-year-old citizens to support the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community,” said Milonov, a member of the ruling United Russia party in the St. Petersburg assembly, according to Reuters.
“The main complaints are [her] calls for minors to support the organization of gays and lesbians, the illegal use of the Russian Federation flag at her concert and slander against our country,” Milonov told reporters.
The politician is the brain behind a city law that bans any gay propaganda, which spanned similar legislation that is expected to be consider before the lower house of parliament in December.
Now Milonov plans to file a complaint to prosecutors over the “Born This Way” singer’s actions.
Though the local legislator is up in arms about Gaga’s vocal defense of LGBT rights, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the current head of the country, may not be of the same mind. Just last week, Medvedev said in an interview that “not all human relationships are subject to legal regulation.”
Mother Monster applauded Medvedev’s comments on Twitter, just days before taking the stage in both St. Peterburg and Moscow as part of her Born This Way Ball tour. “Thank You Prime Minister Medvedev for not standing by your party’s anti gay propaganda law & instead supporting my show+fans all over Russia,” Gaga tweetedon Dec. 7. “Prime Minister Medvedev please accept my gratitude I am looking forward to performing in RUSSIA & celebrating our cultures coming together”
Just last month, Madonna faced similar allegations at the hands of Milonov. But a St. Petersburg court struck down the $10 million compensation claim, which argued that the Queen of Pop had hurt feelings with pro-homosexuality sentiments at her August concert in the city.

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