Saturday, 15 December 2012

Nayak Movie Teaser Talk

naayak teaser talk Nayak Movie Teaser TalkWith fantastic visuals and the right mix of action, Naayak teaser has set the right tone for a power packed mass entertainer. Vinayak’s style taking is clearly visible in each and every frame. Thaman’s rocking composition deserves an applause.
However, the 37 seconds clip has it’s share of flaws too. A statement has been highlighted in the teaser to elevate the heroism of the protagonist – “History Creates Leaders…but…A Real History…Will Rewrite History”. This is where the makers have invited trouble with some illogical writing to give that power punch.
How can a History rewrite a History? ‘A Real Leader’ could be apt in place of ‘A Real History’.
The makers might have cross checked all the aspects of the teaser a thousand times before unveiling it! It’s still surprising, how could someone commit such blunder even after close observation. This Naayak is powerful, but not perfect

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